Morning Thoughts


Today is my first day at the new job for orientation. That will either be exciting or boring but probably a mix of both. Insta cappuccino is gross but coffee is gross in general. Today is also the day my parent leaves and I was given a list of stuff to do while in Illinois:

Keep the yard "tidy".
Fix or destroy the deck.
Use the mulch.
Build a fire pit.
Put the keys in my box.
Keep the other parent happy.
Paint one of my kroot with a blue Calvary jacket.
Buy another cowboy cup.
Be careful in the winter.
Oil change every three months.
When I move make sure I put the pan and grilling tools in storage.

That was most of what my parent told me to do while they were away. Some are big projects while others are smaller tasks. That bad coffee taste is still in my mouth. I prefer tea but cannot find it at the moment.

One friend who just made their big move has moved to Springfield MO and wants me to visit so I'm thinking of doing that but with my older car I need to save money for gas..

Have a good day,



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