Terrain Building Day


So today I went through all the garbage that has collected in this room I'm staying in and I turned on Commissar Gamza's Make terrain from trash series and started building. Now I didn't follow his tutorials, I only used them as inspiration as I built my own stuff as I decided buying terrain would be too expensive when I'm trying to build a whole other army. So here is what I've done...

BLAM! Now this is my workshop table that is just messy as I'm waiting for it all to dry. But let me explain what it all is.

 Here is a command center or some sort of building. Inside is a table and some sort of display area. If I get any spare weapons I will glue some on there. There are 7 windows and one door. Made from US Postal Service shipping box, sprues and some spare cardboard.
 Here are two Sci-Fi looking homes, slightly inspired by tatooine homes. Made from notecards, Pom bottle, old glue tip and sprues.
 Here is going to be a factory. I will be making smoke come out of the top of the spire. Made out of a body armor bottle and sprue.
 Probably my best terrain bit at the moment, some sort of industrial building. Made from notecards, cardboard, body armor bottle, and sprues.
 You might recognize this one but its my old tower just improved. I have to finish the paint job. Used a sprue for the ladder and green stuff for the sandbags. Made from toilet paper roll.
 Now these are in their very early stages but they soon will be rocks with runes and markings on them. Made from water bottles.
 Weird looking bunker. Made from cardboard tube, greenstuff, notecard and sprues.
 Sewer system thing. Started the paint job and am happy so far. Made with cardboard tubing.
 These are also repeats that you might recognize but they are being painted and sandbags are being added to them. Made from toilet paper rolls, ripped cardboard and note cards.
 Also made some more smoke grenade markers. Cotton ball and cardboard.
 A bit silly but I decided to make this little guy. The back of a rocket ship with control panel. (A possible objective zone). Made from a can and cardboard.
Finally the last piece of terrain, a power generator. Made from 2 water bottles and sprue bits. Looks weird at the moment but will hopefully make sense once painted.

 So now all I'm doing is waiting for this stuff to dry together so that I can paint it. Another thing I need to do is get more paint. My parent who I'm building the Imperial Guard army for has told me that they have bought 3 mystery boxes for me and I'm supposed to "use them where I can".  I wonder what it could be? I don't know if its for his army or could be terrain or something I can do in the yard. The possibilities are endless. So each day that I get something new will probably be a post of its own.

I'm also making this post as to inspire others to make their own terrain. Just as I'm typing this I've already "made" one extra can to use and two other boxes. I plan on building other "HQ" type buildings as I have many fire warrior and pathfinder boxes that are just lying around. The reason I haven't done it already is those boxes are a little shorter than the miniatures so I'll need to do some planning in order to get the scaling correct. I'd like to make some more rocks and I was thinking of using real rocks glued to cardboard as terrain since there are so many big rocks outside. Or my other option is using any remaining foam that is in my relative's basement. (Will probably look down there after this post).

One "type" of terrain I want to focus on is making cave terrain. Like pools of water, many rocks, walls, holes, etc. so that I can really make the cave battles look different from the rest of my terrain. One terrain bit that I'm buying is crystals and craters. These are for two different types of battle, under and above ground. 

Now I was looking around for some cool unit types to make my parent's army unique and I found that I really liked the look of CDF Marines but I thought about how I'm making a "german" themed army (not really but I'd like to stay as close as possible) So I was thinking of using Cadians as Conscripts while I use CDF marines as the normal infantry and use Green Berets as the veterans. What happened to the Eisenhorn Shock Troopers? Well, as much as I love those figures and would like to own them there really isn't a way for me to fit them into the army unless I count them as Astra Tempest units, which could work but I'll get them later as right now I want to focus on the main army. 

For the remainder of today I think that I'll paint the Cadians that I have and begin or finish the sentinel. Speaking of the sentinel I have to buy magnets for that so that I can magnetize the weapons on that. Then I'd be able to use the remaining magnets for future Crisis Suits.

Another conversion, or "proxy" as people say online, that I have an idea for is buying some plastic army men tanks and making them into 40k vehicles by using plastic card and other simple things that will make it look nice. I'd have to get my hands on some of them and some more supplies for me to get a final idea to make the tanks look "correct" as plastic army men tanks have a very low profile where as Games Workshop tanks have a very large profile. I was thinking of cutting out the tracks, removing the turret and make a hull out of the plasticard. Then for the turret I'd open the hatch to put a commander, use a straw and some cardboard to create a new barrel. In my mind it seems cool and I've seen some cool scratch build with plasticard so I'm hoping to do the same. We will see.

Have a good day,


So I finished painting some of them today and here is how they turned out. I also got a cloth for the table which I hope will flatten out over time. It looks better than books and glass! :)

 The full scene of what I've painted. Not finished with some of the pieces yet. It looks promising but I could use some more small pieces of terrain like... rocks? hills? 
 Here is a neat piece of terrain with drones and a pathfinder team on it. Was testing the strength of the stairs and they worked!

 Stealth team checking out the sewer system. Tried to show the gloss that I made over the water. This piece will usually be used on the edge.

 Here is a piece that I'm happy with. The factory. Turned out really well and the green vat of chemicals looks really cool!

 Not terrain but I forgot to post that I received these guys in the mail. They were pre-painted and I got a shaper!

 Really surprised at how the "rocks" turned out. Still need small rocks though to fill the gaps in the terrain. I think elevation will help also with the emptiness.

So what I need to build next:
-Some more houses (for city fights)
-Some walls/barricades (for outposts and forts)
-Some rocks and "ambient" terrain (for wilderness fights)
-Some ruins (for well... ruins)

Maybe I'll get a game in before I have to leave on my trip Friday using the new terrain. Hope you enjoy this article and hope this gives you some ideas.


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