Simple Battle Report Part 2!


Let us continue...
If you missed Part 1 go here.
We left off after Turn 2 was just completed. Now begins turn 3 of the random conflict.

 "The Guardsmen and their Commander spread themselves out, taking positions in the various windows and door ways of the small office space."
 "The Command team advanced through the dark desert towards the sounds of battle along with their Scout Sentinel."

 "The Commander made it to the back window as the Chimera defended him."
 "As the Commander made his way into the door way the Chimera's gunner saw a new threat emerge from the factory and opened fire with it's heavy bolter and multi laser."
 "The Breacher Shas'Ui shouted as he dove for the ground at the incoming fire. He heard the bolts hiss by all around and heard the Las beam burst through his fellow Shas'la."
 "Hearing the commotion outside the guardsmen followed suit and fired with their lasguns at the Xenos in front of them."
 "Just as the Shas'Ui began to dust himself off las beams scattered about him, one hitting the Shas'la to his right. We have to move!"
 "The two piranha pilots maneuvered around the old building to be met by more lasbeams from the Sentinel hiding behind a large rock."
 "The beams tore through the armor damaging their beloved ship more."
 "A Sergeant emerged from the sewers at the sound of weaponry and voiced his arrival over the Vox-cast."
 "The Shas'Ui couldn't lose any more tau sitting by this factory so they moved towards the central office building."
 "Aun Kauyon Shi, seeing his fellow tau in peril raced forward on his drone, spear in hand, towards the guardsmen."
 "Jolting from the las beams the piranha moved forward."
 "Over the horizon a large swarm could be seen lead by Green blood. Primal sounds and screeches could be heard as they clamored towards the battle."
 "The Shas'Ui and his tau opened fire on the office building to cover their advance with no avail as their blasters crashed against the stone walls."

 "The Piranha opened fire with all their weapons sending a large blue streak of plasma towards their foe."
"The Sentinel rocked under the firepower, having to regain its balance, as armor was pierced and burned."
 "Aun Kauyon Shi pushed his hover drone further, small engine whirring in stress, towards the enemy."
 "The clash began as his drone smashed into the two guardsmen, bayonets raised, at the doorway."
 "Quickly Aun Kauyon Shi stabbed his spear tip into the throat of one and brought the heavy metal butt of the spear into the other's head crushing his skull killing both."

 "The sergeant, covered in sewer water, moved forward with his men towards cover in order to stop the large swarm of beasts that had arrived."
 "The Chimera too, was drawn towards this threat."
 "The Guardsmen fell back at the amazing display of melee while their commander stepped forward with chainsword in hand."
 "The Command team took cover behind the large rock to conceal themselves from the Xenos ship ahead of them as they made their way towards the center of battle."
 "As the Alien began to make his way into the door, the Commander gave the order to fire."
 "The las beams shot around the door way but many met their mark burning holes into the alien sending blue blood everywhere but the beast still stood."
 "The Sergeant and Company opened fire with their lasguns, sending large red beams towards the beasts."
 "Green Blood was ready for this attack, even as the whole first line of his tribe fell to the floor he charged on screeching in his native tongue."
 "The Chimera turned its weapons upon the charging aliens in front of it."
 "More heavy bolter rounds and las beams ripped the ground around the Shas'Ui. He turned to see another of his men fall with a large 50 cal hole through his torso."
 "The Commander charged forth with his chainsword in hand ready to show no fear towards the vile beast infront of him."

 "He met the beast and slashed through the torso, into organs. The creature staggered and fell off of its mechanical platform to the ground, dead."
 "As Green Blood continued to lead the charge many of the fellow tribesmen began to flee at the sight of awesome firepower."
 "Seeing his leader die the Shas'Ui pushed further, charging towards the office building, two pistols in hand."
 "Green Blood rallied what remained of his warband and charged forwards wanting revenge."
 "Green Blood opened fire with his rifle, his warband followed in suit, sending a large wall of lead towards the defending humans."
 "The sergeant took cover behind the wall as those in front of him screamed in agony as bullets ripped through their bodies sending blood spewing in the air."
 "The Shas'Ui opened fire with his men upon the large mechanical creation infront of them."
 "The powerful blue plasma blasts sunk into the armor, burning those inside. The Gunner prepared his next attack."
 "The Piranha opened fire again with its large array of weapons, leaving a constant stream of firepower."
 "The Sentinel Pilot jerked his controls as he tried to dodge the blasts but they were too much, smoke began to fill his eyes as motors burned and control panels fizzed out."
 "Under the large volley of bullets two of the guardsmen retreated the scene leaving their sergeant."
 "The Commander, seeing such a large force of Xenos in front of him, fell back to his men with pistol in hand."
 "The Sergeant cursed his cowardly men and with what remained began their final stand against a ruined stone wall."
 "The Command Squad made their way around the Office building to see the Xenos in front of them."
 "The opened fire with flame, gun, and laser at the charging enemy."
 "In the fury of battle a las beam cut another Shas'la down."
 "The Sergeant ordered his men to fire upon the horde."
 "Very faint las beams fired at the extreme range burning the eye out of one in the Warband. Green Blood was unphased."
 "The Chimera was desperate, seeing many of their men fall and retreat they opened fire upon the closest enemy."
 "The the panic only one Shas'la was shot down by a las beam to the stomach."
 "Green Blood pressed onwards toward the humans. The smell of fear and panic only excited Green Blood and his men to charge."
 "The Shas'Ui turned at he new opponent and ordered his men to close in, war cries shouted."
 "Green Blood's warband sent another volley of lead down the field towards the human's large mechanical beast but it's armor was too strong as the bullets bounced off."
 "The Shas'Ui and his men poured a wall of blue plasma upon the enemy in front of them."
 "The men screamed as their flesh was burned to nothing and their blood boiled at the intense heat. As the wall passed only one was left standing."
 "The Piranha pilots laughed with glee as they targeted the sentinel one last time and pulled the trigger."
 "The pilot couldn't move his machine fast enough and soon all he felt was burning throughout his body as his vehicle exploded under the intense pressure."
 "The last man standing of the command squad fled the battle with what sanity he had left."
 "Soon the remaining Imperial Forces fled the battle in their Chimera hearing the shouts of victory from the aliens as they sped away.

Green Blood feasted upon his foes with his tribe as the T'au gathered their dead and began to get an evac for their dead leader."
All in all it was a fun game. I think the Power Point total for casualties was 10 for the Imperial guard and 7 or 8 for the T'au casualties meaning the T'au barely won the battle. IF that Sentinel didn't die then the Imperial Guard would've won or it would've been a tie. Anyways I hope that you enjoyed this narrative battle report as I find them fun to write and I think they're more fun to read than the other battle reports out there.

Hope you have a good day,



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