My Big Time Waster Idea


I have a new idea that will help evolve the lore for my Fue'gel army. But first off I had my first official game. 750 points T'au vs Space Wolves. We only got to play 3 turns out of 5 as the store had to close but my opponent, Chris, said it was fun and that it was a draw but I disagreed. He held 2/3 objectives which is a loss in my book.

Below are some images of my battle
My army
 The First Turn

Alright, now time for my idea. I'm calling it Battle for Fue'gel. A gigantic campaign on the entire planet of Fue'gel that will determine the continuous story of my T'au and allow me to use the new imperial guard models that I'm buying. It will be T'au vs Imperial guard and I'm going to use a lot of house rules and my own campaign system which will be modified off the campaign system found in the main rules.
I'm still running through the rules in my mind trying to keep it balanced but not complicated even though it probably will be complex knowing its just me who is going to be playing it. I bought the "Only War" cards as they will make the battles even more randomized than they already will be. I think i'm doing a combination of Map Campaigns and Matrix campaigns. I want to make atleast 2 other matrixes to use incase I start to memorize the matrix but I don't know. 

Important characters will have different numbers of lives. "Main" Characters will have 3 lives, secondary characters will have 2 lives and as with everyone else they will have 1 life. Main characters will usually be your warlords and heroes while secondary characters will be Shas'ui and minor characters that prove themselves in battle. These lives mean that if they die during combat they lose a life, if they lose all their lives then they are dead in the story of my game which will be sad.

One thing I want to find is a single player random "ai" for the other team. Before each battle I think I'll roll to see which team I"m playing as and which team the "ai" will take over. I've heard of single player scenarios with random roles assigned to units and random actions but I hope to either use that or develop my own.

This will take a long time to prepare for and make an army for but I think it will be fun but one thing I know is I won't be buying all the terrain for the game so my battles will look awesome in my mind but dumb to other people as it will be books, water bottles, and other stuff. Not as cool as in the shop which i admit had some cool stuff in it.

One thing I think will be neat is the cave battles that will be prominent in Fue'gel mountains. The rule I was thinking for mountains is that you can move from one mountain to another no matter the speed to resemble the tunnel systems throughout Fue'gel. Ruins will have a neat experience on the game... I think or maybe they give the imperial buff to the imperials like that terrain in the main rules. In the cave systems I think Fly rules will be null as there wouldn't be enough room to fly.

The idea seems neat but I have to build up my Imperial army some more before I am able to actually play any battles. Painting is kinda getting boring as I have no one to share my hobby with. People at the store are kinda... "nerdy" and don't really care about my army as I'm not a normal customer. My friends don't play this game and my parent who was interested in my stories and stuff is gone. Maybe I'll find somebody but I think this is just gonna be a "me" thing until I leave to china and store these for 2 years.

I still have to get to programming again and since painting is losing its momentum I think I'll start that and make a virtual version of my campaign idea that will be easier to manage, change, and save all the stats and map. I enjoy programming but again no one to share the excitement with. Another "me" thing. I have an idea of how the map would work, I'll have to follow my own rules for movement and the like but I think it will be cool. One challenge would be the save system as I still don't know how to create that. Probably saving through a text file then reading it back.

For my dad's imperial army I have some cool ideas. I'm going to make a Custer unit, like George Armstrong Custer, that will be pistols and swords. I'll use Eisenhorn Stormtroopers for the elite units as they have that nice german feel and for the general I'm going to give him a tricorn hat which will make him different than the normal german officer caps the rest of them will have. I'm also going to create "red skull" as another officer and give them a single space marine that has a gold/silver skull for a head. Another idea was since its a Exploratory/Colonization fleet that there would be militia units that have civ clothes and various hats. Basically look really "rag tag" group that could make up more of the force lead by village leaders. Maybe, as its kinda getting away from the whole German feel I've got going on with the army. We will see. These are all ideas.

For my army's last few details I bought some lego crystals for my breacher team who are supposed to be miners. I need yellow paint for their eye balls just to make them look different. I just recieved my 23 other fire warriors with pulse carbines from ebay. The guy was nice enough to give me 5 extra kroot! I have to paint all my kroot also. I'm still waiting for my 13 other kroot that I bought from ebay but those ones are already painted so that is good. I'm wanting to turn one of my kroot to wear a blue jacket and cavalry hat as if he killed one of the Custer troops. I see more robots and stuff online for my army but I think i'll wait and focus on the imperials for now as my army is pretty large.

What I received in the mail!

Oh well, these are so many ideas. Most might not get finished but I think I'll have the money and time for it. These first three weeks of work will be busy and I'm going to try and get used to this but around 300 dollars a week as I'm working weekends and some overtime. In three weeks I'll have 900 dollars (putting away 300 for china and another 300 for my visit to my sister's) giving me 300 dollars left for food, gas, minis, paint and more.

For simple terrain I remember at hobby lobby these foam bricks meant for making castles that could be used for hills and such (even laying out the caves) and I think those will be enough for me combined with bottles and the like. 

I hope you have a good day and continue to return for more posts,



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