Imperial Guard Story


Document: History of Commander Contavious

Sources: Mission Logs, Journals, Notes

Commander Contavious, decorated Imperial Commander from the planet Contra. Born and raised to combat Contavious made it through Contra's various military traditions and soon became an impressive infantry man which launched him throughout the ranks all the way to commander status. Though throughout his war career Contavious had gained a reputation of interacting with enemy technology and even some Xenos species they encountered on the planet drawing the eye of various organizations from the Adeptus Astartes, Grey Knights, and even the Inquisiton giving him warnings of these potential acts of heresy.

Soon through various major victories and even saving Contra itself from a rebellion Contavious was elected Planetary Governor by his people and was recognized by the Imperium itself making it official. Shortly after, Contra was cut off from most of the Imperium when warp storms blocked paths towards the mainland. Contavious took advantage of this to create and improve upon Imperial technologies creating the "Contra" Class of vehicles from the Leman Russ - C, the Valkyrie-SV, and many others but this was just a small part into Contra's decline from the Imperium.

With Contra being an agri-world with lush forests and beautiful bodies of water Contavious tried to keep most of the expansion of his cities either up to the skies or down underground. Expansion was slow as preservation and non-pollution were main factors in his plan but eventually Contra became self sustaining, being able to produce food and various tools like weapons and vehicles without outside help. As this was happening Contra wanted to explore the wild lands of his planet and made exploratory groups to find what could possibly be hidden on his homeworld. They found much.

Most of what the exploratory groups found were wreckage that crashed onto the planet, whether this was debris that floated in space or from possible ancient battles they did not know but the exploratory forces found many important things. One was ancient plans for building a unique star ship to travel in space. It was large, armed with weapons but had many backup systems incase of failure. Contavious sent these plans to factories in order to build one themselves with their own improvements. Another large discovery was the finding of an old Adeptus Astartes Gene-seed. Contavious hid this from most of the planet's knowledge putting his most trusted teams to experiment with this. His plan was to make the greatest warriors of Contra into his own group of elite warriors but he had to do it quickly before the warp storms disappeared and the Adeptus Astartes chapter arrived. Many other discoveries were found, though minor compared to the two listed that helped improve Contra even more.

After the Warp storms disappeared, it wasn't long before various members of the Inquisition arrived to Contra with disturbing news. After so many years of dedicated leadership to his people and towards the Imperium the Commander was given a final option, to take this exploratory mission or to die at the execution of the inquisition around him. He knew that all his acts of so called heresy had caught up with him and the fast improvement of his planet didn't help his manner at all. He chose the exploratory mission but soon learned he was made to lose. The Imperium would not supply the Commander with any more supplies or people and their journey was a long one. It was on this journey that the Commander found Fue'gel.

Writings from a Guardsmen during the Evacuation of Contra
"It was strange leaving the planet. I saw the Commander still standing tall though we knew that all of the Imperium thought us heretics as we loyaly followed him into the impossible mission. I was suprised to see that we were taking women and children of the various guardsmen with us. I guess the Commander had hope or he didn't want his soldiers to die alone. I hope its the first. Many of the men are talking of an extermitus mission heading towards Contra but why would they do that? Contra is producing so much! Some times I think the whole Imperium is insane."

Writings from a Supply Officer during the Evacuation of Contra
"These times were busy. So many ships to fill full of people, food, vehicles and more! This was definetly an exciting time if it wasn't for the fact that dread was in the back of everyone's mind. I saw average civilians training with lasguns. I feel bad but there isn't enough room for them. I've requested more fuel containers for each of the ships but everyone I talk to says that we are out of fuel supplies as they are already packed into the ships. That is going to be a problem I'll bring up with the Commander himself if I have to. Another thing I noticed was we are taking almost all of our vehicles from the Leman Russes to our Valkyries! I guess we need to show whatever Xenos our full firepower. Food supplies are okay but it will be cramped and medical supplies are a bit low, I hope sickness doesn't spread. I have a headache."

 Writing from Lt. Savage, Commander Contavious' 2nd in Command
"This is a suicide mission. Everyone knows it, including the civilians not going. If you go on this ship you are a heretic, if you don't you are a heretic. It doesn't matter. I have no clue how the extermitus rumor got around but there is a shred of truth to that. The commander said they would probably send in some elite unit or just bomb the planet. He hopes they give his people a fighting chance but knowing the Imperium they won't. The Commander and I had successfully hid away the Gene-seed from the Inquisiton. It was difficult but we did it. Some of the finest soldiers are now becoming super soldiers. I rejected the offer, preferring my body over some mutation."

That is some of the lore but I've been interuppted too many times to continue it. I hope Contra sounds like a cool planet and that Contavious' story is possible in the lore. The reason I threw the Gene-seed in there was so I can use these miniatures:

At first looking at these guys I didn't know if I wanted them but upon closer inspection I really like them more than the normal Space Marine. I'll have to buy the Grey Knights Codex as they are more akin to the Grey Knights than Space Marines. Maybe I'll buy both of those codexes (SM and GK) so that I can use both as the one on the right is looking Space Marine like while the one on the left is more Grey Knights like. For 61 dollars I get 20 "Space Marines" and for 26 dollars I can get 5 of the Grey Knight looking guys. I might paint them like Templars or, to fit the German theme, Teutonic Knights. Gosh, so many ideas. So:
  • $61 20 Space Marines
  • $52 10 Grey Knights
  • $55 Grey Knight Codex
  • $55 Space Marine Codex
You see the problem here? So much money just for a few figures and two books but this would supply the Imperial Guard army with some neat and powerful units. Though I could buy normal space marines for cheaper and get more. $40 for a normal tactical squad of marines. Darn it! Now, more ideas are flowing into my brain as you get a lot of different head pieces with the Eisenhorn German minis so after building the normal guys I COULD buy normal marines and put German heads on them to make them somewhat match but I really prefer the look of the German Space Marines. (Yes, now I'm calling them german space marines) To save $110 I could just buy the Index 1 but then I don't get all the cool new story and rules. I come up with too many ideas.

In my mind I have a neat "rustic" paint scheme for them. Bright metallic silver for the armor but then use my sponge to add weathering then use black wash to add those nice accents. Since they would be based off an Old Gene Seed I'd come up with a nice old look to them to match medieval Teutonic Knights. The cloaks i'd paint with an "dirty" white and use a brown wash to add the accent to that and to make it more dirty. For the guns I was thinking of using either the brown look I have on the Imperial Guardsmen or go for a black look. I'll probably use brown as to match the Imperials.

Now this also gets me thinking... how would the T'au counter such elite psykers as the Grey Knights and the walking tanks that are the Space Marines? Well I have enough Fire Warriors to just flood them with plasma but I could buy some Crisis Suits to act as my elite supports. Give them plasma guns (which for some reason deal more damage the FARTHER away you are) and some shield drones to help with incoming attacks or marker drones to help hit. Use Kroot as first line of defense and then use Fire warriors as second line of defense. It should all work... should. My next two paychecks should be "big money"... bigger than $100 but I'm using the first one for my MO trip and I have to remember to save some for china. Right now I have $44 dollars saved. Bigger the paycheck, the bigger the savings. Now I won a $20 card from my work raffle that I could use to buy some IG minis to add more Cadians to my force, which I need to do, as I have a tank on the way and I'm still searching for Hueys. The tank will test out 1/35 scale but I think it should work as everything in 40k is already large.

These 12 hour days are really killing me. I got "home" fell on the bed I sleep on and slept for an hour. I actually should get to bed really soon as I can't be this tired tomorrow. I just have so many ideas for my army and I STILL need to get magnets. I guess the reason I write these all down is I need to remember this stuff for when I come back from china as I don't think I'll have finished this project by the end of my time here.

While browsing the site for those fancy German Space Marines I found that some infantry in the boxes come with a MULE (which is cool as it actually exists) but seeing how they modelled it in WH40k it seems to match something that the T'au would make as some sort of cheap support or for my T'au it would be used for mining. Below is what they look like.
As you see the "head" looks like a T'au support system or even Crisis head. Think of putting that on a base and giving it stats similar (maybe a little better like 2 wounds?) to a drone and have it be able to serve multiple functions. One, of course, is just a weapons platform that doesn't take penalty to moving and shooting a heavy weapon. The second is something like the shield drone where units within 6'' get a 4+ invulnerability save. So its like a shield generator. Another idea is it acting as the various drones would (markerlight, grav field, etc.). You could, possibly, magnetize the platform on it and magnetize the attachments for the MULE so that you could swap them out and not have to buy too many MULES to represent all the different kinds. That would be neat I think.

A MULE with a Plasma gun could represent a mining MULE where a Grav Field MULE would represent a "safety" MULE that helps stop cave ins. Small lore stuff like that I like.

I was thinking of adding another "type" of character in the game. So we have Main characters and Sub Characters. I was thinking of making Legendary Characters that would have 5 lives. These characters would be rare but I think Commander Contavious and Aun Kauyon Shi would be the only legendary characters since they are the two leaders of each faction and it would be weird to have them die really quickly. Maybe instead of 5 it would be 4 it follow the pattern. (Main = 3, Sub = 2, Legend = 4) After making that one small scenario (which I don't think I'll get to play this week) I think I'll focus more on those kinds of scenarios than the overall map. The map will be a guide for certain rules and such but whatever story I want will really drive the game.

I thought of making a deck of cards that are random actions for each phase of the game. So you would have a deck for Movement Phase, Psychic Phase and Shooting Phase. Charge Phase would be determined by the unit type and Morale phase is automatic (so is fight phase). Now that I think about it so might be Psychic Phase. :\  Shooting Phase could also be determined by type and a die roll. Darn. Just typing this out it makes me realize that the Movement Phase is the only thing I could use the deck for. So there would be different cards:
  • Move Away From Enemy
  • Move Towards Enemy
  • Move Towards Cover
  • Move Towards Open (Basically "Move Away From Cover")
  • Advance Towards Enemy
  • Advance Away From Enemy
  • Move Towards Objective
  • Move Away From Objective
  • Advance Towards Objective
  • Advance Away From Objective 
  • Move North
  • Move East
  • Move West
  • Move South
  • Move North West
  • Move North East
  • Move South West
  • Move South East
  • Advance North.... etc.
As you see there would be a lot of cards and I'd make them occur in different frequencies. Example: Move Away from Objective would be rare. Now the unit type would sometimes take over the "random card" idea as if a unit has been charged and its type says fall back when charged they will fall back instead of doing any other movement as that is all they CAN do. At first I could do the 11-66 method to test this out before I make the cards but I think adding a cool picture and quote with the card action will make them neater than just being boring cards.

Here is an EARLY draft of my idea:
As you see it would be simple but give you something to look at with a little "fluff" and keep your game random at the same time. Some of the cards (not all) would have that die roll to determine a random result while some would be "static" results.

I'd have to go to a print shop in order for me to get this on card stock or something thicker than paper which would cost more money. *Sigh*

Welp I've gotta go to sleep.
Hope you return for another post!



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