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Yes, I am alive and well and havn't left my 0 readers to die in waiting for the next article to come out. I was just busy using my new firepit, working, and painting some new projects. I know I haven't finished the Nazi Guard yet for my dad but I did buy more for his army. I've actually bought quite a bit for very little the past few days! So here is what I've bought over the past few days:

Ooops, the image is flipped wrong but I bet you can tell what I've bought. Right now I'm working on those Space Marines. I've also finished the battle report (which I will be posting soon!) so i'll be able to paint the Imperial Guardsmen again and work on my Chimera conversion a bit more as I'm not happy with how the turret turned out. Anyways... today while I was working I came to the conclusion that a robot army in warhammer 40k would be AWESOME but then I realized that we have the Necrons which are cool but I consider them undead more than robotic even though they are robots. So I began to think about how this robot army would work and I was thinking it could use the Imperial Guard rule set so that you could have robot armies akin to Star Wars' "Confederation of Independent Systems" type battle droids. Then when I got home I scoured the web and found many cool options... that were in 15mm. There were some in 28mm but they are expensive. Around 20 bucks for five figures. Now that isn't expensive when you're comparing to GW prices but then again what is as expensive as that, right? However I began to look again and remembered that Wizards of the Coast (WOtC) had made some Star Wars minis at the height of the prequels and I decided to look them up. Turns out they still exist and are only 2 bucks a mini... which isn't much better than most of what I found as I found these guys that are around the same price range as the WOtC minis. I just realized that as I was writing this article. I found a website that sells alot of the battle droid figures (95 of them to be exact) and that comes up to 200 dollars on their site for all 95 figures. Now if I bought my other option for the same amount of figures I get 208 bucks. The 200 dollars for WOtC figures has free shipping meanwhile the other site does not AND its from overseas. Now I'm throwing around big numbers for simple figures and yet I can't even paint my twenty or so Imperial guard figures that I've had for two weeks now. I thought of an idea for painting these robots. It comes from a 15mm painting tutorial I watched awhile back. What you do is prime the mini (in this case my robot) with it's primary color to be seen, add wash once the primary dries, then add small details. DONE! So what I was thinking was this:
  • Prime the robots with spray paint of a Orange or Tan color.
  • Add a dark wash to fill the creases and such
  • Paint the Eyes and Gun ("details") then I'm done with them!
As you see Spray painting them would get them done way quicker than painting them with a brush and since these robots don't have much detail it wouldn't take long to do that. In theory it would take two days to paint the whole 95-100 figures. If I wanted to base them I'd use this cool terrain paint that dries and cracks for a cool effect on the figure. I don't know, its just another fun idea. I'd run the 100 or so figures as conscripts from the Imperial Guard index against my Fue'gel T'au. I'd add details to the robots that would be leaders, sergeants and such. If I bought the Xenos 1 index I could run these guys as Necrons but I don't really want to buy that book. Well, I had a fun weekend.

These are the kinds of things I think about at work as having such a large mass of units would make a cool army but for 200 dollars I think I'd rather buy my T'au a commander and get some more infantry and sentinels for my dad's army. I have begun to paint the Space Marines and I'm enjoying that as I listen to the background history of the Space Marines it makes me realize they are alot like the Templars, especially the Black Templar chapter which I didn't knew existed. It makes me want to create a Templar themed Space Marine army and run them as Black Templars. My problem with armies like that (including the Imperial Guard and T'au) is that I don't like painting vehicles or big things and everything with the Space Marines is big including their models. On ebay the Space Marines are super cheap for quite a lot though.

Geez, I'm surprisingly tired today. I havn't done much in the three hours I've been home. I bought some new books. A bible, 2 Templar books and a book on secret societies. I hope they are good reads and I'll write some reviews for them once I'm done with each of them except the Bible as I don't think it needs a review. I've always liked the Templars (as said before) and I'm liking the idea of my Sci Fi Templars more and more again so thats why I'm doing some "research" before I begin to do anything really big with it. Maybe I'll make my own faction or even own RPG out of this idea. Maybe the Templars are defending earth from a Martian invasion of Robots? That would be cool. Then throw in demons that are trying to take out the order from the inside kinda like the Ultramarines Movie. Maybe I'll paint some guardsmen as Templar Initiates? That might look neat but I've learned its hard to paint with white. It takes many layers of paint. Oh well. I hope you get something out of my crazy ideas for this game.

Hope you're having a good day,



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