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So I some how got to work an hour early even though I left at the norm al time band ate at a restaurant. I'm tired but ready for the day's work.

I've been thinking about the campaign turn sequence and thing I could break it down into simple phases like this.

Production Phase: This is where you will be able to use your points that you receive from locations around the map. After getting your points you will be able to buy troops to add to your army groups. Modeles cost their normal amount of points listed in the rule indexes. Upon buying a model you may place him with a current warlord not in an enemy ZOC or you may create a new detachment.

Movement Phase: As listed in the previous post, this is where you will move your units by rolling their speed. You don't have to move anyone's if you don't want to move. If you move within an enemy ZOC then the units movement ends.

Combat Phase: For units within an enemy ZOC the choose an action on the matrix as well as the enemy unit. See what kind of battle you are playing and play it! Use the "Open War" cards if you have them as they will make the battles unique.

Resolution Phase: During this Phase you sum up the turn, remove any defeated detachments, turn destroyed locations into ruins and then turn the turn over to the other player (or AI).

A note on defeated warlords. Some detachments will be lead by a "main character" warlord who has multiple lives. When one of these characters are defeated their detachment is destroyed while the warlord itself is moved to the nearest medical center or city. This represents them getting pulled to safety after battle but when a warlord dies during combat roll a d6. If it is a 1 then you move it to the nearest enemy fortification/city showing him getting captured during battle and held hostage.

I think this seems fair and for some fun rules.

I'm typing this all on my phone, hence the title. The work isn't bad as yesterday I was trained with a tool which allows me to do more jobs around here. I'm thinking that I'm going to get around 100 dollars for pay this Friday. So I think I'll buy the terrain that is 20 dollars from eBay then buy the Cadian Armored group for 55 dollars then NEXT week buy the get started collecting set. I think after that the armies should be equal. Maybe not but I really want to get some sentinels and paint them like AT-STs from star wars as but will fit the color scheme of the army and planet. Here is what the IG army will be after I buy those things:

1 Lemon Russ Tank
1 Chimera
3 Cadian Infantry Squads
1 Command team
1 heavy weapons team
1 Commisar

Looking at it now there is no way that this will be even armies. Maybe the NEXT NEXT week I'd buy some more infantry squads with sentinels



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