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Its 8: something right now and I've thought up of more ideas for my campaign, this time focusing on battles. I'm trying to write this down to get rid of the "tension" that I feel in my relative's home. The two relatives i'm living with are mad at eachother or more so is still angry about an arguement that happened one or two days ago. Anyways lets get on with the rule talk!

Here are some things I've been thinking about: How are the armies built? What happens to damaged units? What rules can I make that make the game fun?

First off I've been thinking about the points. I didn't know if I wanted to do requisition points or power points but based off how I made the bonuses for conquered locations I'm going to do requisition points. Now this will make adding up units together harder but it will make it even more diverse and less "vague" than power points.

Secondly during battle you will have units that will lose models in their squad. So does that squad stay in the game after the battle OR do they disappear or what? I was thinking of this while stapling boxes together and came up with this idea, damaged squads will be removed from the army/battle group and moved to a nearby friendly OUTPOST, FORTIFICATION, CITY, or MEDICAL CENTER at full strength with no point cost. Destroyed units are just gone and units with multiple wounds that are damaged just return to full strength UNLESS they are vehicles. Battle Groups/Armies that have damaged vehicles must spend a campaign turn doing nothing as they repair their vehicles. If they are attacked before the repair is finished then the damaged vehicles are still damaged.

Thirdly, I've made some cool home brew rules that will make this game better.


This is a simple piece of "terrain" that I made for my home brew rule for smoke grenades. Its 1"x6" and around 1" high. Basically you can spend some points to give your unit a single smoke grenade. When thrown (12") roll a D6 to see what direction the smoke goes. (Kind of like a scatter die) Place the grenade portion of the terrain on the exact spot you threw it then angle the rest in the direction the die decided. (1 North East, 2 North West, 3  South East, 4 South West 5 West 6 East) You throw these during your Shooting phase. Now every shooting phase after you roll a D6 at the END to see if the smoke disappears. On a 5 or 6 the smoke disappears. Else it continues. Now a note: when you buy a smoke grenade for your men you get a single smoke grenade and once you throw it it is used. You CAN buy multiple smoke grenades but this will count as your one grenade throw for that unit meaning you can only throw one smoke grenade per unit per turn (or whatever the offical rule is for grenades). What does the Smoke grenade do? It blocks LOS. Thats all but it can help you for movement and protect you from overwatch (as overwatching units can only overwatch on charging units that they can see). You still have to make a roll to see if the grenade lands where you want if you miss then do a direction roll and roll a D6 to see how far away, inches, it goes. Hope the rule makes sense.

For my second homebrew rule I don't have pictures but its: Stationary Weaponry!
I've talked about this and referred to them as various things as objectives and emplacements but they are apart of the terrain and act as heavy weapons for units nearby it. You need two units to man it and you CANNOT have moved this turn. If there are other models not using the gun they can fire with their normal weaponry. If you've ever played Star Wars Battle Front then that is where this idea came from with those little grey turrets that would be scattered around the map. If you wish to destroy these then they have one wound, if you are manning them and want to destroy them then you just sacrifice the two manning soldiers shoot phase to destroy the turret. I plan on making variants of these for the various teams and I think it will be neat.

This rule that follows is for the campaign. Looking through the rulebook I saw that Keywords are very important so I am using keywords for the various locations in the game. Here is the second version of locations using the keywords idea:


  • Cost: 500 RP
  • Reward: 100 RP
  • Abilities: Reinforcements, Improved Defenses
  • Upgrades: Artillery, Minefields, Legendary Defenses
  • Cost: 50 RP
  • Reward: 0 RP
  • Abilities: Reinforcements, Defenses
  • Upgrades: Artillery, Minefields, Improved Defenses
Medical Center:
  • Cost: 100 RP
  • Reward: 100 RP
  • Abilities: Medical Supplies
  • Upgrades: Minefields, Defenses, Improved Production
  • Cost: 100 RP
  • Reward: 50 RP
  • Abilities: Scanning
  • Upgrade: Defenses, Minefields, Improved Production
  • Cost: 1000 RP
  • Reward: 500 RP
  • Abilities: Defenses, Medical Supplies, Reinforcements
  • Upgrades: Improved Defenses, Minefields, Artillery, Improved Production, Legendary Defenses
Orbital Cannon:
  • Reward: 0 RP
  • Abilities: Orbital Artillery
  • Upgrades: Defenses, Improved Defenses, Minefields, Artillery
  • Cost: 500 RP
  • Reward: 100 RP
  • Abilities: None
  • Upgrade: Improved Production, Defenses, Minefields
Science Center:
  • Cost: 100 RP
  • Reward: 100 RP
  • Abilities: Discovery
  • Upgrade: Improved Production, Defenses, Minefields

Key Words

Defenses: Some small structures surround this location filled with willing fighters ready to defend. When you begin your battle on a location with this keyword the defender may place D6 "fortification" terrain pieces.

Improved Defenses:  A collection of walls and towers shine on the horizon as the grim invaders approach. When you begin your battle on a location with this keyword the defender may place 2D6 "fortification" terrain pieces. This replaces the Defenses keyword.

Legendary Defenses: A complex labyrinth of defenses dot the landscape filled with defenders armed to the teeth. When you begin your battle on a location with this keyword the defender may place 3D6 "fortification" terrain pieces. This replaces the Defenses and Improved Defenses keyword.

Artillery: Within the compound a large dirt area with sand bags trembles under the fire of artillery. During any battle adjacent or in this location the "Preliminary Barrage" (pg 194) rule applies.
Orbital Artillery: A weapon of immense size, its shots shaking the ground for miles. During any battle within 2 squares around or in this location the "Preliminary Barrage" (pg 194) rule applies but instead of hitting on a 6 it hits on a 5+.
Minefields: Primitive and hidden bombs set below the dirt. In a battle within a location with this keyword roll a die for each attacking model. On a roll of a 6 one model in that unit is slain.

Medical Supplies: A large storage of medical supplies are stored here. This location may be used as a relocation point for slain "Main Characters" and "Sub Characters" or wounded/damaged units.

Improved Production: The efficient factories pump out products and materials for the use in the war. If a location has this keyword then during the "Recieve Resources" phase of the campaign increase the amount of resources earned by this location by 50 RP.

Reinforcements: Soldiers always at the ready to help others in combat. If a battle happens adjacent to this location then any units located in this location my be used to help allies in the battle.

Discovery: Scientist and researchers push forward for new inventions and technologies. During the "Spend Resources" phase of your campaign turn you may, once per location with this keyword, spend 100 RP. Roll a D6, on a 6 you get an 2 extra troop choices or 1 extra support choice deployed in this location.

Scanning: Complex radar set ups help give the defenders a keen edge. If a location with this keyword is attacked then the defenders always get first turn, unless they forfeit it.

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