Night Time Thoughts

Good Night,

My parent left and I completed my first day on the job. It was interesting and boring but I saw a lot, learned a lot, and realized I cannot maneuver a jack at all. I also started to paint some of the Imperial guard I got and started to assemble the breacher team. It will take a while but I think this weekend I might stop by the store and try to play a game with my army. The only thing I'm missing from my T'au army are some vehicles to support against those tougher armored armies out there. Another thing is that I'm painting the Imperial Guard army for my dad with a similar color scheme to the German WWII scheme but by doing this means I can't take it to the store as people get their panties in a bunch. :P My next buys for my dad's army will be:

Getting Started set
Armored Cadian Force
Sentinel (painted like the AT-ST from star wars)
Snipers (painted like my dad's military pictures or like WWII snipers)
More cadian infantry to make his "Custer" unit'
Oh and the book (index 2)

So around 200+ dollars for that stuff. I'm taking a break from my army as I have stuff on the way and I think I have a solid starting force. This way I'll also be able to play out some battles for my lore of my Army as in the story the Imperial Guard try to take over the planet.

One thing I've been thinking a lot about is budgets. Lets say i'm making close to 300 dollars a week for 5 days of work a week. I need to put 100 of that for the china trip, 100 for nececities (food, repairs), and the rest I can use for what ever but I wanted to visit my sister and my friends who are both far away meaning I need to save money for those. Meaning out of my money I have none for me. :( So how will I complete my dad's army? I have no clue. Maybe I'll be able to use my nececities money if it gets stockpiled up which it probably will.

Now even though tomorrow is Saturday I have to get up at 3 am and be at my new job at 5 am. That sucks but I think Saturday will be programming day instead of painting unless my dad really likes the look of the first "finished" imperial guardsman. If I do any work on that stuff it will be building and not painting.

Stuff for me to do this weekend:
Yard Work
Program (Get 2 projects done?)
Clean House
Take care of pets

That's really it for what I need to do this weekend or really want. What are you guys doing this weekend?

Hope you enjoyed tonight's post!



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