Two Posts One Day!?!

Hello again,

I don't know how much longer I can stay in this house. It seems over dramatic but its a pain, I'd rather be at work than at "home". I have few comforts to get away but even then they are getting bothered. My "comforts" are reading, painting, watching youtube videos, and writing on this. They don't want me doing any yardwork unless its simple like mowing and I tried to bring up the deck project and that was shot down too. It sucks. But that is my little angry post for the day, time for some more Campaign talk.

I've been trying to come up with unique ways to handle the other team during combat. I've looked at other solo wargame ideas and have seen tons of things which are neat. One is giving each squad a random "type" like tactical or aggressive that have rules for each turn phase. It seems neat but I'm finding it hard to create my own types. I've thought up of these ones:

Tactical: Stays near objectives and defends them.

Support: Stays in the back or near units to support them with range weapons or aura abilities.

Chargers: Charges and advances towards enemy units. Firing when they don't advance.

Defender: Similar to tactical and support. Stays in the back until an objective is taken, then move to defend it. Used with Tactical to allow tactical to advance.

Aggressive: Moves and shoots weapons at enemy, usually ignores cover. Charges once in charge range.

Random: Moves in a random direction with a random range.

Those are my ideas for "types" but more may develop as the game goes along for certain units. I think I'll use this as it is simple and gives me less control over the enemy but isn't too complex. What you do for this is every enemy unit at the beginning of the turn you roll for what type they are. I'll use a note card or custom made token to keep track of what they'll be. As you see there are six which will allow me to roll.

Its all coming together though and I've thought of two cool ideas for my dad's imperial guard army. One is an inside joke between me and him but instead of Valkyries as the ships and transports I'll mod up some Hueys from vietnam with heavy bolters instead of M60s and add jets to the back of them! The other idea is something that I found out. Since the army is very WWII german I've been looking for Sci-Fi german vehicles but couldn't find any until today:

The Gideon Main Battle Tank. I'll use that in place of lemon russes as it comes with a lot of different barrels and such so I can use magnets. I plan on buying three of them! So along with 3 Hueys, 3 Sentinels, and 3 tanks I think the vehicles will be a plenty for this army. I'm going to need some grey spray paint. 

I think that I'm going to buy some terrain and a grey piece of cloth for the table. These are the terrain bits I'm thinking of buying: has some really cool terrain sets. I'm looking at their modern warfare and industrial sets.

I'm looking at this set for the ruins.

WWS on Amazon sell some cool Sci-Fi bits

And Ender Toys sell cool 3D printed cheap terrain which I will buy if I don't get the terrain from

In all honesty this is the terrain I'd love to get for my collection if I stayed in the US for a long time but since I'm leaving in a couple months I doubt I'll get all of this. Painting terrain is easy, prime it the main color and give it a wash. Thats it but you can add more detail if you want. One thing I thought of getting was the 6'x4' table from as it folds up so I could store it easier once I leave.

With the Gideon tank being sold out till September I think I'll buy infantry and the hueys right now for the Imperial guard army. Some characters I've been thinking of, now that I have the book and understand some things about the Imperial Guard, are this:

Main Command
Commander of the Fleet/Army Commander Contavious

"Right Hand Man" 2nd in Command Lieutenant "Savage"

Commanding Council
Commissar Strut: Strut is the newest of the commissars. He stands ready to serve his new commander and is attached to the men he commands. Youngest and yet he doesn't know the full situation that he is in. Commands many conscripts.

Commissar Octavious:Oldest of the commissars and has served under many different commanders. He seeks to gain power for himself and is ruthless towards his men and yet his men are stark veterans who should be feared.

Those are some of the characters but I'm sure more will develop as the campaign goes along. I'll still need to come up with some characters like a tank commander and a huey commander but I'll get to it as I think of this stuff at work. :)

Anyways, I think I'll continue painting.

Hope you return to read another post,



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