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I've always been fascinated by the Knights Templar as they were such an interesting group starting with only seven people! Their original goal was a pretty good idea, to protect people on their way to the holy land. Of course though their downfall is also interesting as it was such a large coupe with the french and pope that they were the only nations that really cared about the Templar's rise to power. Anyways, if you want to learn more then please do as it is really interesting with cool "characters". This has inspired me many a time to play paladins in RPGs but when I was littler I made my own Warhammer 40k rip off (now I can afford WH40k and yet I still make my own rules). In it one of the factions were the Sci-Fi templars that arose out of a wave of religious conflict on earth. After surviving this wave of chaos an old order arose again, the Knights Templar. Thats why I like the Grey Knights and Space Marines as I can easily see making a templar army out of them. Replace the normal Space Marine helmets with great helms, have the sergeants have those feathers on the helm. The grey knights you could just paint a templar color scheme and then with my discovery of the awesome looking Eisenhorn minis I'm still thinking of painting them with the Templar scheme. Now what has brought all of this up? The discovery of these amazing miniatures:
Now these are just a few of what is out there. Some of them I don't like but I like all the detail on them. Sad thing is they are $20 a pop. They come in one piece though and are made of resin. The best deal is the templar veteran set, 3 miniatures for $25, which isn't the best of deals but... WOW are they awesome looking. If I wanted a cool Space Marine Chapter or an awesome Grey Knights army (still don't know the rules/ stats for each of these) then I'd buy these guys. Now as I like to experiment with prices in my head lets see what it would cost for all of these miniatures:

  • Basic Templar Knight: $27
  • Templar Lord: $33
  • Templar Veterans: $33
  • Templar Knight Set #1: $64
  • Templar Knight Set #2: $71
  • Templar Knight #7: $17
  • Templar Paladin: $60
So, in total that would be 13 miniatures (one of them is HUGE) for... $305. Wow. Not to think about all the labor and supplies i'd need to paint them the way I want. Red Capes, White Cloaks, Bright Silver armor, Gold trim?, and stuff like that. Now for $305 dollars I could get 50 Grey knight Strike Teams or sacrifice a grey knight team in order to buy the codex and data cards. Wow.

Browsing through my computer I actually have the rule set to my custom game I made and I see that I used d10s instead of d6s. Makes sense as I had a lot of these from D&D. Here is what I wrote about the templars as their "intro". Oh boy,

"With science proving everything and helping the most in the galaxy religion was disappearing. Like an old history story brought back the ancient group of the Templar was made.(in 5505 AD) They rely on their super stimulated strength that no normal human could achieve.
    When word of these powerful holy fighters went around there were tons of people who loved them and the idea of religious fighters helping the Earthling race alive. There were also haters of this group. The Templar had two main enemies in the Three Galaxies; they were the Hounds and the Revolutionaries.
    When the Templar started to be a main force in this grand battle of the Three Galaxies more attacks and assassinations where tried on the Grand Master of the Templar but they all failed.
    In battle the Templar force is quite small usually consisting of Shield Bearers, Knights and psychics but even with their small armies they are able to hold off longer than most of the normal Earthling Commandos. In grand battles the Master is there to battle on and fight, but on rare occasions is the Grand Master in the Field as he is the leader of all Templar.
    The Templar do not use vehicles often as they are better if they are alone with their footmen but if they have to they will use their Demon Hunters and Wraith Hunters to destroy all other vehicles in their way. The Templar they mostly rely on is the relic holder who is accompanied by his standard brother. Together they bring a magical boost to their fellow Templar." -Little Me

As you see I still enjoy the Templars and have for a long time. What is the point of this article then? I don't know. Just a fun post as I have many ideas for conversions that wouldn't fit into the WH40k universe, though I argue that Knights Templar could be in it as we have Black Templars. With humanity's curiosity for the old I'm sure one space marine chapter would find the good book and take it as so but then they would be claimed as heretics though they do not worship the demon lords. Could then this new faith bring a sleeping Lord back into power? I think that could work as some lore. Whether they are Space Marine Traitors or Alternate Grey Knights these guys' goal could be to bring back an "old" (in my opinion the only) God back into power through increased belief and faith. I have a feeling though that many chapters and more of the Imperium would flock down upon this new chapter bringing a new conflict into the war. Who knows, I might do that! Gosh it would be fun to make but first, my current projects.

Well Hope you have a good night,



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