Simple Battle Report Part 1


Yesterday (the 23rd) I decided to start a simple "Open War" scenario with my Imperial Guard and some Fue'gel (T'au). I would like to point out I bought another infantry box and a 1/35 german halftrack converted to be a chimera for this game. As i've been waning on the painting I decided maybe playing the game would boost me into painting again but I discovered I'm just tired. I also bought a book and a video game but that will be on another post!

The Battle Report:

"The rough storm had split the Commander's forces through out the desert. Luckily he trusted that his other subordinates would be able to navigate through the storm. He looked out through the rain to see shadows in the distance. As they approached they saw the shadow was truly an old factory set up, not by the T'au, but by a previous race. The infantry and Commander piled out of the chimera only to see an enemy vehicle approching them."

The Teams:
"Blue Team" Imperial Guard
around 320 Points

Consists of a Command Team (1 mini was missing in this image), 2 Infantry Teams, 1 Scout Sentinel, 1 Chimera, and 1 Company Commander

"Yellow Team" T'au
around 320 points
Consists of 1 Breacher Team, 1 Ethereal, 1 Pirhana, 20 Kroot, 1 Shaper
 Deployment was this. I was excited to use my new cards but I did mess something up... (explains later).

The objective for the mission was just to "Kill the enemy" so that was simple enough!
Now here is where I messed up. I learned that you are supposed to draw these three cards all at once and since I've already deployed I had to do something to add "randomness" to the mix. I rolled to see what units on each side were the different contingents for each team.
Since the power level of the T'au was ONE greater than the Imperial Guard they got to have a special "RUSE" card.
So here is the deployment AFTER the "TWIST" card. As you can see it left the 3'x5' table very blank. After this I was ready to play!

After all of this I was ready to begin the battle!
"The Guardsmen ran from their cover at the sight of the T'au vehicle towards the dusty old office space that resided near the center of the factory."
"The Chimera drivers looked out the storm filled window to see their fellow guardsmen running. They pulled along side the building providing cover and aiming at the incoming vehicle."

"The commander rushed towards his cowards of men screaming insults but not wanting to be in the open where the mysterious vehicle would cut him down"
"The Chimera opened fire with it's Multilaser and Heavy Bolter on the Xenos vehicle. Large metallic thuds could be heard as the enemy vehicle was hit."
"The Fue'gel pilots did their best dodge work but the armor of the Pirhana couldn't hold against the powerful bolter rounds that ripped through the vehicle."
"Wondering where their fellow fire caste went, they sped forward towards the crude human vehicle."
"In the distance Aun Kauyon Shi stood on his hover drone sneaking towards the center building as he tried to regain comms with his warriors."
"The Piranha opened fire with burst cannon and carbine sending blue streaks into the thick storm around them."
"The guardsmen drivers stood fast as the blue plasma hit the Chimera dealing no damage to the tough beast."
"The Guardsmen flooded inside the building through the windows.With the Commander outside shouting."
"The Chimera continued its volley of firepower into the Xenos ship."
"Swerving to the sides the pilots laughed as the projectiles missed and glanced off the Piranha's armor."
"The Guardsmen opened fire upon the alien vehicle with their laser guns. Seeing the fleeting accuracy of his men the Commander shouted towards his men to reaim and fire again

"The laughing pilots were cut short as they began to get shot up by an unexpected volley of red lasers from the office building to their right. Many burn marks were left throughout the vehicle revealing circuitry."
"Through the storm the commander heard over the Vox-Cast that a contingeant of men had arrived at the scene and that they heard lasgun fire."
"The Piranha throttled forward with incredible speed away from the enemy towards their leader."

"Breachers have arrived, was heard over the very electronic comms. They had travelled through a tunnel that had lead to the factory and were ready to fight."

And that is where I left off. I am only on Turn 3 at the moment and was happy with the results of the battle. I hope this is better to read than most battle reports and sorry that alot of these guys are not painted but I wanted to use some units I had just got recently. Stay tuned for "Part 2" which will have turns 3-5! Of course I'll post it when I actually get to playing those turns. :)

So far the biggest problem with solo playing is actually staying concentrated on the game itself as I found myself thinking alot or looking through the various unit pages thinking of ideas instead of playing the game! Deployment took way longer than it should have but hey... I like to think. Whats good is I do get to take the pictures that I want and create a story that I think suits it best. In my mind it is pretty cool but I'm not testing any of my crazy house rules yet as I'm trying to learn the imperial guard.

My opinion on the 1/35 scale? So far its nice but BIG. I think that tank I bought a while back might be too big unless I buy something that was small (like a stuart) so that it still will be big in the game but smaller in the 1/35 scale. We'll see.

Hope you are having a good time,





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