My "new" Project


YES! I do have another project on the way... or might have another project. It all depends on an email that I am waiting to receive. You see, my dad and I created a table top role playing game based off the vietnam war. He made one when he was a kid (which was HUGE by the way) and then I made my own version and implemented his rules into mine creating a "2nd edition" of Nam, as we call it. So we've always been interested in the vietnam war as we've played games like Silver Bayonet, Lock n' Load, Tet Offensive, Platoon, and a few others. I played a solo game of Charlie Company and had a blast with it... if I remember correctly. So here is my next idea, 15mm vietnam. We can use these miniatures with our various game systems that we play and we can use them for various other games like Force on Force: Ambush Valley and Flames of War: Tour of Duty. When I move overseas to be with my family the terrain that I buy here and the miniatures that I buy here will be easier to package and ship with less of a chance of breaking than the large 28mm terrain and minis that I've been buying recently. I've already been planning my first purchases for this idea (as you might have guessed) and I think I know what I'll be buying with my first paycheck. So here it goes:

Number One is some more paints for this project. Buying this Valjeo USA paints this should give me what I need to paint my army. I might also buy a paint holder and wet palette for my paints. This puts me down $40-$90. Uh oh...
The next items that I would buy would be a pack of US Infantry from Old Glory games and a pack of VC from Old Glory games. Why Old Glory? They are cheap and come in packs of 50. I think that would give me a nice starting force for each army. This will set me back around $32. Not bad for 100 miniatures.

So what next? Well I'd buy some terrain from various websites and one thing that I'd buy is a game mat of some sort. I know that a game mat is $90-$100 and then terrain I'd probably spend $100 in just that alone unless I find a cheaper alternative (like me making it myself). Those would be two other paychecks meaning I'd have to wait for those items. So lets say I go minimum with my above purchases meaning I've spent around $72 dollars. I obviously need a ruleset for these miniatures so what I was thinking of buying was Ambush Alley's Ambush Valley book and cards. These two items would set me back around $36 dollars which is just shy above $100 limit per paycheck but I think I could allow it. ;)

Now I forgot to mention if I DID find Charlie Company while searching throughout storage that I wouldn't have to buy Ambush Valley. Though I still might in the future I wouldn't need to at the current moment. I could instead use the extra $36 dollars on glue or some Osprey books for research material. Now another option for a ruleset would be Old Glory's own Fire Team: Vietnam. Which I didn't realize existed.

So, for summary's sake this week I'll be purchasing FOR SURE paints, glue, and the Old Glory miniatures. My next purchase would be a ruleset and any of the "expansions" for said ruleset. Third purchase (third paycheck) would be terrain for the, hopefully, painted armies. Fourth purchase would be a game mat or a green sheet. Fifth purchase? Well at this point I'd hopefully have played a few games and have learned how to put together 15mm minis as I know I'm missing some parts about putting them together (like how much do single bases cost for 15mm?) but I think I'd expand the armies with more unique men, vehicles, and more terrain.  Why the $100 limit per week for hobby purchases? Because I need to save money for china, silly.

Of course getting started into any new hobby will be expensive but after this initial five weeks of expensive it will be easy to look at new miniatures and go, "I want that", then drop $5 for a unique squad of 8 men. That is what I'll like about 15mm. So lets look up real quick what individual bases (not group) cost for 15mm. So what I've seen used are pennies (no thanks), washers, and actual plastic bases. Interesting. I think I'll go with the #10 washers for $5 with 100 in them. Not bad but as I was looking it does seem like I need to fix up some sort of paint stand for my guys with a magnet built into it to hold them. That will be a fun project that shouldn't run more than a couple bucks. Man this is kinda neat to think about!

Well this is going to be an awesome project. My T'au will still get built and after I've painted all the Imperial Guard we will see what happens to them. Of course this could change if I don't like 15mm. :P I think I will though as the thought of the price of them will always be with me. What do you guys think of this project? Is it worth it? What sources for terrain do you recommend? I plan on buying minis and vehicles from Flashpoint and Peter Pig in the future as they look the coolest to me but come with less than Old Glory. Old Glory is just a good place to start my collection.

Are there any other rulesets out there that I haven't seen? RPG wise I know Grunt is out there and Recon Advanced Edition but to my mind that is all there is. Of course someone could surprise me!

Well, Have a good day,



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