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I've been working on more terrain and sadly one of my Imperial guard arms fell off so I need to buy some more super glue and finish painting them before they get destroyed from me moving them around so much.

Today I finished my first 12 hour work day which was a combination of boring, fun, and just interesting. I am tired and need a shower but I'll do that before I head to bed. 5AM to 5PM for the rest of the week meaning that I'll get my 40 hours in before I leave for Missouri. I had fun though working there as I did a lot from working on the assembly line, sweeping, taping, folding, and more. So I am ready for the next day!

Now as I was coming home I began to think about my plastic army man idea but I found out that plastic army men tanks ONLINE are expensive (20 bucks for 3) but I'm going to look in store to see if they are cheaper. I think they will be cheaper in store as they will be off brand and I can use the plastic army men for something. Some plastic army men are actually around 28mm now a days so I can use them as soldiers. As I was searching for a tank I found this lovely beast:


It looks perfect for what I have in my mind. A nice short stubby barrel like the lemon russ, good scale (1/35), and just looks neat but the last thing is that it is cheap! $14! I know its not german but its a tank not many know about and it looks cool. I'm thinking of buying the remaining three or four once I get back from my Missouri trip with my next paycheck.

After reading all the articles about scale vehicles and adding them with 28mm I decided that I'm willing to risk it by going bigger as tanks are big. I've read that 1/48 or 1/56 scale is the "best" with 28mm but my theory is that if you buy a 1/35 scale vehicle whose real life counter part is small it will "scale" to be similar to a 1/48 or 1/56 scale. Thats a theory.

Now here is my list of what I want to get next with approximite prices:
-Huey x3 20 = 60
-Tanks x3 14 = 42
-Foam (for rocks) x1 20 = 20
-Super Glue x3 5 = 15

So that is what I'm thinking of getting next as I feel after building terrain I'd be back in the painting minis mood as I've had a hard time concentrating on making and finishing minis. I think what I need to get inspiration again is having a good battle with all of them. I already have an idea for a scenario that doesn't require my vehicles and I can just use my current models.

First Strike
The Valkyrie-H's rotors thudded against the dark desert air. The jets in the back hummed with energy propelling the fragile vehicle forward. He stared at the men around him. The door gunners sat on the edge of the doors, peering into the darkness below, heavy bolters at the ready. The men looked at him, nervous but ready. He stared out again and could see the faint sillouette of the two other Valkyrie-Hs that accompanied them. Around 45 guardsmen were being sent to take this mountain. Let's hope the commander was right about the "light resistance". As he stared out a bright blue light blinded his eyes and followed with a bright orange explosion. The Valkyrie-H to the left of them was hit and falling fast. "Get ready boys" said the pilot over the microphone. The heavy bolters ripped open pouring bullets into the ground below, hopefully hitting enemy. Another blue bolt shot past their right hitting the other Valkyrie's rotor sending it spinning downward. "Pilot! Land this thing, NOW!" he shouted. They knew they were coming and he wasn't going to be another casualty. The pilot lurched the Valkyrie forward dodging another blast and landed with a hard thud. His men swarmed out into the dark desert and began to form a circle around as the Valkyrie's Blade kicked up large clouds of sand. "Alright men...", he said over the radio, "... time to regroup with the survivors."
-Lt. Savage

So the Imperial Guardsmen will start at the southside of the board while the T'au will start on the north side of the board having a 6'' deployment area from the edge of the table. In the center "neutral zone" of the board there will be two objectives. Once the Imperial Guards or T'au get within 6'' of the objectives a D6 will be rolled. This resembles the number of surviving guardsmen. 

In order for the Imperial Guard to win they may do any of these:
-Minor Victory: "Activate" both objectives and escape from the south end of the map.
-Major Victory: Defeat/Repel the T'au from the map.
-Lt. Savage MUST survive.

In order for the T'au to win they may do any of these:
-Minor Victory: Kill both survivor squads and escape off the map edge.
-Major Victory: Defeat the Imperial Guard (more kills)

Lt. Savage is a main character so he has 3 lives. Dying in this scenario will take away one life from the campaign and also leave him captured at the beginning of the campaign.

Terrain to use: Rocks, Hills, Craters x3 (x2 Objectives, x1 Imperial Guard starting zone)

RP: 125

The Survivors count as conscripts as this represents them acting dazed and possibly injured from the crash.

This seems like a fun starter scenario for my campaign so we will see what happens when I play this out next week. I might create little narratives for each battle that happens so that you will be able to read my battles as a connecting story instead of as boring battle reports. Note the small RP limit to this.

Well I hope you have a great day and return,



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