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So I drove silently in my c at today as I wanted to think on what I want to buy with my upcoming paycheck. (If I have money left) There are a few things I must do before I buy some minis: buy gas and buy concrete. I'm buying concrete to make a fire pit. So after that I might have enough to buy something. I'm my brain I've been ranking the purchases in terms of importance as there are a lot of purchases I need to make for this army but instead of listing the products themselves I've listed them as "project groups". Since I want to make this unit unique there are many things I've gotta get. So here is the list:

1) Magnets: these will be important not just for the imperial guard armored groups but also for any future Tau crisis suits I buy

2) Sentinels (IG): These are some unique but fun vehicles that I'd like to start magnetizeing and painting. x3

3) Head bits: x20 Beret Heads (veterans), x10 Calvary heads (rough riders), a lot of bare heads (conscripts) I might just use normal Cadians as conscripts and infantry.

4) Hueys: These will replace the valkyries and would be easy to make... I hope. x3

5) Cadian infantry: I want 30-80 of these men as 10 men make a squad (unlike the Tau 5). I might need more but I don't think so :) Also included in this is heavy weapons teams and the like.

6) Eizenhorn Stormtroopers: 20 of these guys to represent the Tempust scions. 

7) Gideon Battle tank: x3 again but they are low on the list since they are out of stock.

8) Terrain: A set or two of official terrain but I'm working on homemade terrain. If I make terrain I like then this might be bumped down the list some.

8. 5) Objectives: kinda fits in with terrain but I'd like to make some stationary guns as "usable" or "interactive" terrain in the battles.

9) Light bulbs: I'd like some better light for my room. Has nothing to do with the hobby. :)

For the heads I thought it would be cool for the veterans to look different than just Cadians with stripped helmets so I thought of making them into green berets! For the con scripts I'd make them using bare heads and soft cap hats. The normal infantry will be helmeted Cadians.

On this list the paint supplies, glue, and tools are not listed as this list would be way too large then. This army is neat and even though it's not fully German I hope my dad will understand why I put certain things into the army! Some stuff is inside jokes between him and I. 

My estimate for this project is around $500-$600 dollars! That's about 3-4 whole weeks of work or even more! Geez that's a lot of work too when you add all the painting and such into the mix. 

Well, I have to go work now. Hope you return for another post,



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